FAQ about Stripe Integration

Are my invitees credit card details stored by Koalendar?

  • No, Koalendar does not store your bookers credit card details. That information is encrypted in the Stripe payment modal on your booking form, and is handled by Stripe directly. 

Is there a minimum I can charge my bookers?

  • Stripe does set a minimum charge for each transaction. It varies by country - see more here.

 If someone cancels their booking, are they automatically refunded through Stripe?

  • If someone cancels a booking they have paid for through Koalendar, any refunds would need to be done through your Stripe account dashboard. You can read more about how to do that on this page.

What if my invitee enters an incorrect card number, or their card has expired?

  • If there is an error with the card, your booker will see a message directly from Stripe about what might be wrong and how they can fix it. 

If I'm using Tentative Bookings, will my client be charged before I accept a booking?

  • The fee will be charged when they request the booking. If you decide not to accept the appointment, you'll need to manually refund the fee collected in your Stripe dashboard.

Are there fees for using the Stripe integration?

  • Stripe does charge for taking payments, but they have a very competitive and simple charging mechanism. See Stripe's pricing page here for full details.
  • Koalendar doesn't take an additional commission on payments you take.

Can I use a test credit card number to test my Stripe Integration?

  • We don't support a sandbox testing environment, so there isn't a way to test Stripe, besides using your own payment card, and then refunding it via your Stripe dashboard.

What if Stripe isn't available in my country?

  • Stripe is working hard to roll out across the world, but it's not quite there yet. It is currently available for customers in these countries.

How do I charge sales taxes on my bookings?

  • When making charge requests, Stripe does not calculate any tax information for you. The amount you specify in the Booking Form > Payments must be the total amount to charge the customer, inclusive of any fees or taxes that they should be charged.

Can I offer a discount or voucher codes?

What if I haven't received payment?

  • Stripe collects the money and handles the financial aspect of the booking. You can keep track of payments and refunds by logging into your Stripe dashboard
  • It may take up to 7 days for the first transfer to occur direct into your bank account.

Can I integrate more than one Stripe account with Koalendar?

  • You can only integrate a single Stripe account with Koalendar at a time. On a workspace account Account Owners can integrate a single Stripe account for the entire team. 

Do you integrate with other payment processors besides Stripe?

  • We only integrate directly with Stripe for payments. If you are using another payment processor, you can redirect your booker to that payment page after booking, but the booking will be completed within Koalendar.
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