Using Tentative bookings

The Tentative Bookings feature gives you final control over whether a booking will happen.

The booking goes into your calendar with question marks on it until you decide to accept or reject the appointment. 

After booking, your invitee will receive an email saying that the appointment request has been sent and that another email will be sent to them upon confirmation.

Activate tentative bookings

Tentative bookings can be activated on any of your booking pages on a case by case basis. There may be some pages you use Tentative bookings, and other pages you allow bookings to go straight to confirmed. 

Edit Settings on the booking page you want to activate Tentative bookings. Navigate to Additional options > Tentative bookings and toggle it on.

Managing tentative bookings

The confirmation email you receive will include details of the bookings plus accept/reject buttons. Using these buttons, you can accept or reject a booking directly from your email without being logged into

You can also manage all of your tentative bookings from your bookings dashboard. 

Login to your account and click on Bookings from your dashboard. Here you'll see a list of all your bookings along with their current status.

Simply click on the buttons to Accept or Reject it. Your invitee will receive an email confirming (or not) the booking.

?? on Tentative Bookings

All bookings that are tentative will initially come through with two question marks at the beginning of the Booking Title. Once you confirm these bookings, the event will refresh and the question marks will be removed.

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