Set up Koalendar for your team

Setting up Koalendar for you team should take just a few minutes.

Adding your teammates to your Koalendar Workspace will allow you to:

  • Create Collective Events with your teammates
  • Manage your teammates booking pages and appointments
  • Give the "admin" role to some teammates so they can also manage your Workspace members' booking pages
  • Manage the billing from a single account and give access to Pro features to all your teammates 

How to invite teammates to your Workspace

From your dashboard, click "Invite teammates" on the right, in the Workspace box:

You can then enter your teammates emails.

If you don't have seats available on your account, it will invite you to update your subscription ($9.99/user/month or $6.99 when billed yearly).

Invitations to join your Workspace are now being sent to your teammates.

Ask them to check their emails to accept the invite and join your Workspace.

You're done!

Your teammates have now access to Pro features and you can create Collective events together.

Click on a member in your Workspace box to manage their booking pages: