Random Selection (Round Robin) Events

With a round robin event, you will be able to show times when at least one teammate is available and make him event host.

The event host and the invitee will then get notifications and reminders about the meeting.

How to add teammates to a booking page

Open your booking page editor and scroll down to the Hosts section.

There you can add or remove teammates from the list of hosts and manage their linked calendars (to do so, click on "Calendars connected" next to their name).

If you have two or more hosts on your booking page, this enables the multi hosts scheduling features: Collective & Round Robin.

Please note that after inviting a teammate, they first need to join your workspace (by clicking the link they receive by email) before being able to be added as hosts to your booking page.

Set your team scheduling mode to Round Robin

After adding additional hosts to your booking page, you can select which multi-hosts scheduling type you want:

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