Multi-hosts scheduling options for teams

Once you add teammates to your Koalendar workspace, you will be able to create multi-hosts events.

To do, so, first create a booking page, then scroll to the bottom to add attendees in the Group section of the editor.

Once at least, one host is added, you can select what type of event you want: Round Robin or Collective.

Multi-hosts event types

Round Robin

Round robin allow you to present the combined availability for a group of people and randomly choose one organizer who is available.

This is great for tasks like booking sales calls or product demos, where you have pool of people across whom you'd like to distribute meetings.


A collective event will pool team members' availability and only show invitees times when all hosts are available.

All hosts must be available in order for a time slot to show on the booking page. If any host is not available when the other hosts are, that time slot will not show as available.

When an invitee schedules, all hosts are added to the calendar event.

Collective event types are ideal when an invitee needs to book time with several of your team members at one time.

For example, a collective event would be great when a customer wants to schedule a technical support call with a customer support rep and an engineer on your team. 

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