7 features you probably didn't know about Koalendar

Some features of Koalendar are not obvious, so here's a short article showing you a few things you might have missed:

1. Your link displaying all your active booking pages

On your dashboard, click on the link below your account's name to open your public listing page.

2. Switch to mobile preview

On your booking page editor, click on "Desktop Preview" above the current preview to switch to mobile preview.

3. Pre-fill the booking fields for your invitees

Make it faster for your invitees to book a meeting with you by pre-filling their names and emails.
Click "Share" on one of your booking pages, then "Prefill" on the top right:
(Here, I've pre-filled the name as "Google" and email as "example@gmail.com")
Then copy your link and share it with your invitee.
After selecting a date and time on your scheduling page, instead of having the booking fields empty, they will now automatically be filled with the values you've provided.
Do you want to pre-fill custom questions too? Read this article.

4. Delete multiple bookings at once

To gain some time when managing your bookings, select all the bookings you want to delete by clicking at the top left.
Once they're all selected, click on the red button "Delete all selected."

5. Block time slots, days, or weeks in 20 seconds

If you've linked at least one calendar with Koalendar, any "busy" event that appears on the linked calendars will be considered when showing your availability on your Koalendar booking page. This way, you won't be double-booked.
So you can take advantage of this by making yourself unavailable when you don't want to accept new bookings.
Open Google Calendar, and create a new Out of Office event (or a regular event set as "busy"):
You will now be unavailable for appointments on all those selected days.
You can also create a regular Google event, but make sure to have its visibility setting set as "Busy":

6. Customise your booking page link

Make your booking page link short & easy to remember so that you can share your link with ease.

The link customization field appears after you've published your booking page in the middle of the first section:

Once updated, click the ✅ next to your new link to confirm.

7. Offer multiple location options and let your invitee decide

You can offer up to 10 meeting location options to your invitee:

(Click "Add another location option")

If you add the option "Ask Invitee," your invitee will be able to type his desired location.

I hope you learned a few valuable things here. If you have any feedback or question, please reach out by email: support@koalendar.com. Thank you.

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