Add questions to your booking form (phone number, details, etc...)

You can request any information from your invitee ( including their phone number) by adding questions to your booking form.

To do so, open your booking page editor and scroll down to the section Invitee questions and click Add question.

We offer the following question types:

  • Single line. Accept a single line of text input.
  • Multiple lines. Accept multiple lines of text input.
  • Radio Buttons. Offer a list of options and accept a single answer.
  • Checkboxes. Offer a list of options and accept multiple answers.
  • Dropdown. Display a select menu where you can select a single answer.
  • Phone number. Accept a phone number.

You can also set if an answer is required or not.

And if the question should be hidden from your invitee. If hidden, you must pre-fill this field with your question shorthand code.

The new questions will now appear on your booking form:

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