Set availability from your Google Calendar

This feature allows you to define when you are available based on whether a specially-named calendar event exists on your calendar - without having to login to Koalendar every time you want to modify availability on a specific day.

If you plan out your scheduling using calendar events, you'll likely find this feature quite helpful!

Configuring time blocks

Head to your booking page editor, scroll down to the "Availability" section and click on "or set it from your calendar":

Done! Click "Publish" to save your new availability.

You will now be displayed as available anytime you have a "free" event with a title containing the word(s) you specify here:

In the below example, we'll only look for events in the 'Appointments' & 'Open Time Slots' calendars:

Note that we will take conflict calendar events into account and subtract them from your time block availability:

This feature also works when adding teammates to your booking page!

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