Using SMS reminders

SMS (text messages) are an excellent way to send your invitees a confirmation or reminder before the booking and can help keep your invitees engaged, reducing no-shows.  

In this guide you'll learn how to setup SMS notifications on your booking page that send to your invitee. 

Purchase SMS credits on your account

SMS credits can be purchased on any of your booking page editor by scrolling to the Notifications section and clicking "Buy credits".

Purchasing 200 credits or more will qualify for volume discount. Use the slider on the SMS purchase page to select how many SMS you'll need.

When you buy SMS credits, those can then be used on all your booking pages and even your teammates' pages!

Add a Phone question to your booking form

For Koalendar to send SMS messages, we must validate that the number entered on the booking form is a mobile number. 

To successfully send SMS messages on your booking page, add a new question to your booking form, and select Phone Number as the question type. 

SMS work in all countries. The phone question automatically detects your invitee's location to pre-fill the international field accordingly.

Add SMS reminders to your Notifications

You're booking page is now ready to send text reminders.

Scroll to the "Notifications" section and click "Add reminder" next to "SMS reminders":

Your invitees will now receive SMS reminders before the event occurs.

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