How to add your Koalendar Booking Page to your WordPress website

You can add your Koalendar booking page to your Wordpress website in two ways:

Method 1: Linking your booking page on a button on your website

Method 2: Using the short code

Add Calendar Through A Button On Your Website

1. Add a button to your website

2. Get your Koalendar booking page link

Press "Share" beside the name of your booking page

Choose "Copy Link" to get your calendar's shareable link

3. Link your booking page link to your Wordpress button

Add Calendar Using The Short Code

1. Install the Koalendar for WordPress plugin:

2. Copy your booking page link and add the shortcode [koalendar link=”YOUR-BOOKING-PAGE-LINK”] in the page or widget you desire to embed Koalendar in.

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