Using Koalendar to manage your conference rooms makes it easy for your organization to reserve them for meetings and avoid booking conflicts.

To manage your conference rooms, follow these steps:

Clear synced calendars
Create booking pages for each room
Share the full list of your available rooms

Clearing Synced Calendars
Before you begin creating booking pages for your available meeting rooms, be sure to deselect all synced calendars so that your meeting room availability will start on a clean slate.
Go to your Koalendar Dashboard
Click on your profile name or photo at the upper right corner
On the drop-down menu, select Calendars
On the Calendars pop-up message, uncheck all existing calendars
Once you're done, press Apply

Creating Booking Pages For Each Room
A Koalendar booking page displays each meeting room's availability and information in real time.
On your Koalendar Dashboard, add a new booking page by clicking the + New Booking Page button at the upper right corner
Fill in the room details, Availability, and Pro Features as applies
Press Publish when you’re done

Sharing Your Room List
Your room list compiles all available venues your organization can book for their meetings. You can opt to create this manually, but Koalendar also gives you the option to generate it with just a few clicks.
Go to your Koalendar Dashboard
Press the button with a small square and arrow beside + New Booking Page.
When you hover over it, it should say "See your public page listing all your booking pages"

Pressing the button will take you to your editable public page that you can adjust accordingly
Get your public page link by copying its URL and sharing it on your preferred channels
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