Whether you're arranging an open house or you're simply booking presentations presentations and meetings, you can use Koalendar to eliminate the back-and-forth messages. Here's how:

Create a booking page with your availability
Share your booking page with your clients and prospects

Creating A Booking Page For Your Real Estate Appointments

Log into your Koalendar account and go to your Koalendar Dashboard

Click + New Booking Page on the upper-right area of your Booking Pages list

Create a new booking page on your Koalendar dashboard

Fill out basic information about your event

Set your Availability to indicate the dates and times when prospects can book appointments with you

Once you're happy with your booking page, press Publish

Publish your real estate calendar

Sharing Your Booking Page Link

Share your booking page to your prospects or embed them on your websites to streamline your appointment scheduling process.

Click Share at the upper right corner of your Edit Booking Page and pick your preferred sharing option.

You can share your booking page by manually copying and sharing the link, email, social media, Whatsapp, or by embedding it on your website
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