Some features of Koalendar are not really obvious, so here's a short article showing you a few things you might have missed:

1. Your link displaying all your active booking pages

On your dashboard, click on the button next to "new booking page" to get to your public listing page.

2. Switch to mobile preview

Simply click on "Desktop Preview" above the current preview to switch to mobile preview.

mobile preview

3. Pre-fill the booking fields for your invitees

When you click on "Share" on one of your booking page and the modal open, you can click on "Prefill" on the top right:

Then copy your link and share it with your invitees.

When they get to your scheduling page, instead of having the booking fields being empty, they will now automatically be filled with the values you've provided.

4. Filter your bookings by email / date / title

You probably already noticed that you can filter your bookings by clicking on the filter button:

But you might want to know that you can also click on the date, or title of a booking to filter the results with it:

5. Block time slots, days, or weeks in 20 seconds

Let's imagine, you're going on vacation for a week so you don't want people to book a time slot with you during this time. But you also want to still be available after this week of vacation. So here turning the booking page off is not convenient.

Because Koalendar is syncing with your Google Calendar by default (except if you turned off the setting "prevent overbooking with Google Calendar" on your booking page), any "busy" event that appear on the linked Google Calendars will be taken into account when showing your availability on your Koalendar booking page. This way, you won't be double-booked.

So you can take advantage of this for making yourself unavailable for your vacation.

Open Google Calendar, and create a week-long event:

You will now be unavailable for appointments on all those selected days.

I hope you learned a few useful things here. If you have any feedback or question, please reach out by email or on the chat (bottom right of your dashboard). Thank you.
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