Koalendar Pro Features

Enjoy more Koalendar features when you go Pro.

Additional Meeting Options

Schedule Group Meetings

Use Koalendar to schedule classes, team meetings, group presentations, or events with the Group Meetings feature.

Video Conferencing In Zoom

Integrate your calendar seamlessly with Zoom. Upon booking, Koalendar automatically generates a Zoom link for your meeting so you can effortlessly set video calls.

Set A Custom Meeting Duration

Organize different types of appointments in your Koalendar. Be it a quick check-in or an extensive strategy session, and you can have them all in one place with adjustable meeting durations.

Set Email Reminders

Say goodbye to no-shows with meeting reminders that’ll go straight to your attendees’ inboxes.

Select Specific Meeting Dates

Holding appointments on a special promotion date? Instead of selecting a range, Koalendar Pro lets you choose specific dates for your open appointments.

Customization Options

Remove Koalendar Branding

Make your booking page uniquely you. Upgrade to Pro for an option to remove the Koalendar branding.

Use Your Colors And Branding

Strengthen the visual identity of your booking pages by using your brand colors. Koalendar Pro lets you choose any color, so your calendar looks good on your website or by itself.

Customize Confirmation Email

Improve engagement and customer relationships by adding your brand voice to your confirmation emails.

Booking Page Management Features

Daily Meeting Limits

Use Koalendar to manage your workload. Set daily limits on your meetings and have complete control of your time and energy.

Notify Colleagues

Automatically deliver a heads-up to your colleagues and partners when you receive an appointment with the Carbon Copy “CC” feature.

Redirect Invitee To Your Site

Increase website traffic or upsell to customers. Once they book an appointment, allow your clients to know you and your business better by redirecting them to your website.

Use Webhooks

Update external databases with Webhooks using Koalendar’s pro features.

Add Questions To Booking Page Form

Request for all the details you need from your meeting participants when they book an appointment. This way, you can make necessary preparations to be at your best.

Export Your Bookings

Aside from managing your calendar for you, Koalendar lets you export your meetings so you can view them offline.
Level up your Koalendar experience by upgrading to Pro.
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