Troubleshooting your Calendar Availability

In this short article, you will learn more about how your Koalendar pages sync with your Google calendars.

You're displayed as free on Koalendar but you're actually busy

1. From your dashboard, click on your profile, then calendars and verify which calendars you're checking conflicts (the ones toggled on) with. You might want to add new calendars to sync with.

2. Events in your calendar marked Busy prevent you from being booked for your Koalendar events. To change this, click on a google event, then edit, then select the visibility:

3. Make sure you're looking at your live page and not the preview when testing. Koalendar only syncs with your calendars on the live booking page. If you're on your editor, click "View" to get to the live page.

Why you're unavailable when you should be free

1. Most of the time, it's because you have Google events at those times that are blocking your availability. If you change their visibility setting to free on Google calendar, it should make you available again

2. It can also be because you've set buffers or changed the start time increments. Play with those settings to see how your availability adjust.